Share the Dream:

Make a difference in a child's life by sponsoring their dream!

Our Share the Dream Program enables an individual, business, civic club or family to sponsor the dream of a child. A person or business wishing to participate in the Share the Dream program can select a child and dream whose cost equals the amount of money they wish to donate. Photographs of dream children may be available to help promote your fundraising efforts. Upon completion of the dream, the sponsors receive recognition through receipt of a plaque with a photo of the child and mention in the Children's Dream Fund newsletter.

The types of dreams vary as much as the personalities of the children we serve. They may involve meeting a celebrity, a trip, or a gift such as a computer or playground, or our most-requested dream, a week at the Give Kids the World Village. No dream has been refused, except those involving motorized vehicles and firearms.

To sponsor a child's dream through our Share The Dream program, please call our office at 727-896-6390 or email