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There are several steps to making a dream come true. The experience of a dream is a source of inspiration for many children who are undergoing medical treatments as it enables them to focus on something uplifting and positive at the most difficult time in their young lives.

We determine a child’s medical eligibility with the help of the treating physician.

Referrals are received from area hospitals and pediatric facilities, including:

  • Florida Hospital

  • Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

  • Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Sabal Palms Children's Center

  • Shriners Hospitals For Children

  • St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

  • Tampa General Hospital

These referrals are received from doctors, nurses, Child Life Specialists and social workers, friends, families and other patients. Following the receipt of an application and verification of diagnosis, the children are interviewed by a Dream Fund staff member.

Little girl eating ice cream

Klonopin Withdrawal

They may involve meeting a celebrity, a trip, a gift such as a computer or playground, or our most-requested dream, a week at the Give Kids the World Village, which enables a child to visit all of the Orlando-area theme parks. The Dream Fund makes dreams come true for every child referred to them.

The compassionate staff of the Children's Dream Fund works closely with the children and their families to create the perfect dream. Once the child has decided on his or her dream, our Dream Coordinators begin creating an unforgettable experience, sparked by the child’s creativity and imagination. The Dream Coordinators then deliver the dream to the child and their family as a "Celebration of Life" party, and the fun begins!

If you’d like to bring the joy of a dream-come-true to the life of a sick child donate here.

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