Stream for Dreams provides an opportunity for gamers to fundraise to make dreams-come-true. Check out our toolkit, guidelines, and resources to get you started on your own charity stream for the Children’s Dream Fund today!


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Steps for Great Gamer’s Success

Engage your viewers and encourage donations throughout your charity stream. Remind your audience the mission and impact of the Children’s Dream Fund. Remember to thank your donors while streaming.

  • When and how long? Make sure to promote ahead of time with your community. Typical events last 1 to 3 days, but we recommend limiting the hours of streaming per day to be healthy and responsible.
  • Ways to encourage donations? Be creative and have fun! Create challenges, milestones, raffles, and interactions while you stream. Set a goal and share with others so they can help you achieve it!
  • Should I promote? Absolutely! Share with your social media friends and ask them to share too. Join Discord as another way to promote. Contact us at the Children’s Dream Fund to let us know too.
  • Can I customize? Yes! Utilize the visual assets provided in our toolkit, including stream overlays, Stream for Dreams logos, and animated donation pop-ups.

Bo meeting NickEh30 for his dream-come-true!

Dream Facts

Share these facts with your viewers to help make dreams-come-true while streaming for the Children’s Dream Fund.


While streaming, we kindly ask you keep in mind these few simple rules.

  • Games with crude or inappropriate content and/or ESRB rating of “Adults Only”
  • Explicit language or visuals
  • Illicit substances or paraphernalia
  • Intoxication before or during streaming

Health and safety are important to the Children’s Dream Fund. Please stream responsibility and encourage others too.

  • Stay hydrated and nourished while streaming
  • Take breaks continuously while streaming
  • Make sure you are rested prior, during, and after streaming
stream for dream t-shirt

Stream for Dreams t-shirt

Raise $100 or more to help make dreams come true, and we will send you a Stream for Dreams t-shirt!