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The Children’s Dream Fund was founded in 1981 with the single purpose of fulfilling dreams for children ages 3-21 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and who live in West Central Florida. Dreams are referred to us by doctors, nurses, Child Life and Social Workers, friends, families and other patients.

Dreams vary as much as the personalities of the children we serve. They may involve meeting a celebrity, a trip, a gift such as a computer or playground, or our most-requested dream, a week at the Give Kids the World Village, which enables a child to visit all of the Orlando-area theme parks. No dream has been refused, except those involving motorized vehicles and firearms.

The Children’s Dream Fund is not affiliated with a national organization. We do not telemarket to raise funds. Since its inception in 1981, the Children’s Dream Fund has made dreams come true for 3,000 children. According to our most recent audited financial report, over 82% of every dollar raised goes directly to granting dreams. Over 50% of all dream costs are covered by in-kind donations.

The Children’s Dream Fund has a Four-Star rating by Charity Navigator, and all funds raised help children in our community. The Children’s Dream Fund strictly adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Donor Bill of Rights.

Every child deserves hope and a dream and our goal is to continue to make those dreams come true.