Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive a dream?

The Children’s Dream Fund fulfills dreams for children ages 3-21, with some exceptions, who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and who live in West Central Florida. A child does not have to be terminally ill to qualify for a dream, nor is a dream necessarily the child’s “last wish.” We are unable to help a child who has had a prior wish or dream with another organization.

Who can refer a child?

The Children’s Dream Fund is ready to help every child who qualifies for a dream-come-true. Referrals come from physicians, social workers and Child Life specialists, nurses, friends and family. To refer a child, click here.

What are the types of dreams that you grant?

The types of dreams vary as much as the personalities of the children we serve. From puppies to swimming pools, cruises to computers, vacations to meeting with celebrities- including everyone’s favorite, Mickey Mouse- the staff of the Children’s Dream Fund is there to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a sick child at a critical time in their young life.

Do you grant dreams to adults?

The Children’s Dream Fund only fulfills dreams to children who are between the ages of 3 and 21 years old, with some exceptions. However, adult wish-organizations do exist.

Does the family pay any costs associated with the dream?

No. All appropriate dream-related expenses associated with a child’s dream are fully covered, including all travel and spending money. Our main purpose is to help create a memorable dream experience for both the child and their family, not burden them with financial concerns.

What are your sources of funding?

The Children’s Dream Fund relies on the generosity of individuals and corporate supporters to provide the funding to create a unique experience for each and every child. The Children’s Dream Fund does not receive federal funding.

All current financial information is available here or send an email to

Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

Yes. The Children’s Dream Fund is tax-exempt under IRS code 501 (c) (3). Our Federal ID is 59-2145821.

Does the Children’s Dream Fund accept tangible gifts?

For the Children’s Dream Fund tangible gift policy, please contact

Does the Children’s Dream Fund participate in telemarketing?

We do not use the services of telemarketers to raise funds.