Dream to BE a NY Firefighter


Six-year-old Marcus loves everything Ghostbusters. He and his family traveled by planes and boats and trains, and in an official FDNY transport van, on their Ghostbusters Tour of NYC. Providing a big welcome to the Big Apple were the New York Yankees, and Aaron Judge. Fire Department of New York Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro swore Marcus in as an Honorary FDNY Firefighter, proudly welcoming him as one of New York City’s bravest. He was dressed in full firefighter gear and with badge in hand, Marcus was whisked off to Firehouse Ladder 8, (Ghostbusters were here!), where he did what all firefighters do….extinguished a fire, operated the truck and ladder, honked and honked and honked the horn, and completed the visit eating real Italian pizza. Marcus is battling back from cancer, and this dream-come-true and the encouragement of his new friends in NYC really helps!

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