The Children’s Dream Fund

The Children's Dream Fund was founded in 1981 with the single purpose of fulfilling dreams for children ages 3-18 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Referrals are received from several hospitals on Florida's west coast. Dreams vary greatly - from trips to Disney World, meetings with celebrities, computers, play sets, cruises and shopping sprees. Every child deserves hope and a dream!

The true impact of a child's dream cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Our desire is to grant every eligible child's dream. There are many children in our community with life-threatening illnesses, and the Children's Dream Fund needs your help to reach them.


Sponsor a Dream 

A person or business wishing to sponsor a dream can select a child and dream whose cost meets the amount of donation they wish to give. Upon the completion of the dream, the sponsors receive recognition through receipt of a plaque with the child's photograph and will be mentioned in the Children's Dream Fund newsletter.

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