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Hi Barbie! Check out Gabria’s Dream to the Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu, CA!

8-year-old Gabria, who battled a brain tumor, spent her Dream at the World of Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu leading up to the Barbie movie premiere! She got the real-life Barbie experience by seeing some of Barbie’s favorite things like her dream closet, movie theater, recording studio, and camper. Gabria spent a Barbie Day-in-the-life with her family. She and her sister were news broadcasters in Barbie’s news station, drank pink lemonade out of Barbie’s fridge, sang in the recording studio, and so much more Barbie fun! A big thank you to everyone at Mattel Inc. for making Gabria’s dream come true! Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more fun pictures and information of Gabria’s Barbie dream!